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Daily News: Umbrella Corp, Jensen’s Safety Dance, Fallout Monopoly

The latest news for gamers, fresh from the apocalypse. Which apocalypse? All of them.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Corporation’s R&D website has been hacked. A terrorist group called themselves “Inserted Evil” have taken over the site and are redirecting visitors to a propaganda website. Spurious claims about the biotechnology company are being made in a video. We can only hope that the scientific geniuses at Umbrella can stop the hackers and restore normal service soon.

Fallout: The Fallout Monopoly game has finally arrived. Given that resources are scarce since the war, it comes in a limited edition of one. Beautiful game – I envy all who get to play it.

Deus Ex: Adam Jensen of Sarif Industries has been dancing his way around the world. We’re not sure what David Sarif thinks about his Head of Security cutting a rug on the dance floor but presumably as long as the job gets done, he can do it however he likes.