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Horrid Henry’s Horrid App Review (iOS)

Horrid Henry’s Horrid App is an iOS game based on the popular kids character Horrid Henry who stars in lots of story and joke books. Horrid Henry has his own children’s TV series and a feature film in cinemas at the moment. As we’ve probably all seen, iPhones are an essential parenting tool to keep young children quiet in public and this app features a bunch of mini-games to entertain the kids. I gave it to my brother, Marcus and his 6-year old son, Flynn to see what they thought of it.

Flynn’s Review:

Horrid Henry Cowboy Dress Up

Horrid Henry - Dress Up

Flick the Bogey – I love it because it’s cool throwing the water balloons at Moody Margaret. She keeps walking along and you’re stood on a tree stump and you get a target to aim your balloons with and you get points if she gets wet.

Go Giddiantus – Well, I quite like it when you press the screen and run along the corridor and jump over stuff and smash stuff but I didn’t get to do a fart boost which would have been cool.

Dress Up – It was so funny, you can dress him up funny and there were funny faces. There were masks as well. There was a hippo mask and a wolf mask and they were funny. There was grumpy looking face, a smiley face with a big smile on him but the one I liked best was the grumpy face and I put alien ears on him and that’s why I liked it.

Marcus’s Review:

I didn’t think Flynn would pick it up as quickly as he did. I thought he’d get frustrated with the touch screen but I only had to show him how to play Flick the Bogey a couple of times and then it just took a few minutes for him to grasp it. He worked out how to play the other games without any help and nor did he read the instructions. Go Giddiantus didn’t keep his attention for long though, which just seemed to involve running and jumping obstacles in a stately home/Hogwarts style school corridor – you need to see the film really – although I’m sure there’s more to it as you progress.

Horrid Henry - Flick The Bogey

Horrid Henry - Flick The Bogey

Funnily enough the dress-up game kept him interested the longest, which surprised me. He loved dragging different items of clothing on to Henry, changing the colours of the outfits and putting stupid things in his hands. It made him laugh out loud when he put Henry in a dress, gave him a broom, a stupid hat and a silly expression. There were more items of clothing that you could unlock too by playing the other 2 games at different levels of difficulty.

None of the games keep him entertained for that long before he wanted to try another one but it’s not like they are as complex as something like Lego Star Wars which is his current favourite.


Horrid Henry’s Horrid App is a cool little app and it’s great that it has a few games bundled with it. I’ll be keeping it on my phone and I’m sure it’ll come in handy when I need to keep Flynn entertained at short notice. Ideal for a bus or car ride.

Oh and I quite like playing Flick the Bogey too. There was just something in the simplicity of trying to aim a water balloon at a Moody Margaret and bursting it over her head. It’s a bit like Kevin the Space Penguin.

Horrid Henry’s Horrid App is available now on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad for £1.99 from iTunes.

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