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Daily News – Fallout NV DLC, Free Rifting and a Portal 2 Vid

Here”s today”s round-up of the most important news for gamers.

Fallout New Vegas: A new mission pack called Lonesome Road will be released for download on 20th September for 800 MSP or €9.99 on PSN and Steam. A week later, you”ll also be able to buy the bonus weapon, clothing and aid packs that were previously only available to people who preordered. 160 MSP or €1.99 for The Courier”s Stash, a bundle of the The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack. Gun Runners Arsenal will be released the same day for 320 MSP/€3.99, adding new unique weapons, ammo, weapon mods and recipes.

More details on the Fallout New Vegas DLC page.

Rift: Online MMO Rift is free to play for the next 7 days in celebration of the game”s “half-birthday”. From today, 25th August through to next Wednesday 31st August, anyone can download the client and play for free, even if you”ve already used the free trial. Note: If you do like the game, don”t subsribe until 1st September or you”ll lose that online casino free time.

Check out the official Rift announcement for more details on the competitions running during the week and how to sign up.

Battlefield 3 at Insomnia 43: Multiplay Insomnia, the UK”s biggest gaming festival kicks off tomorrow. It runs from 26th to 29th August and one of the highlights of this show will be the opportunity to play Battlefield 3 on the PC. Spectator passes start from only £5, so if you can get to the International Centre in Telford any time during the next four days, go pick up your tickets from the official i43 website. Say hi to EA_ActionMan for us if you do go ;)

Portal 2: Another live-action fan video set in the world of Portal has been making the rounds. This one can only be described as haunting. Also see the previous Portal 2 live-action video we posted back in May.