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Daily News – Zelda Concert Tickets Now Available, Batman: Arkham City and Warhammer 4000: Space Marine Multiplayer

Now that the weekend is over, what better than some gaming news to cheer you all up.

Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert:

Tickets have gone on sale for the London leg of the concert tour from the Ticketmaster website which now amazingly lets you pick your own seats rather than just randomly allocating whatever is available in your price range. At the moment the cheapest tickets available start at £62.50 (including fees).

Batman: Arkham City:

Its been announced that Rocksteady Studio’s Batman: Arkham City will be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2011. So you’ll able able to play the game a full month before it hits the shops on the 21st Oct 2011.

Lego Portal:

Yes, you did read that correctly. Some clever person called Keshen8 on YouTube has posted a brilliant Portal/Lego mash-up video. If you fancy something a bit more gory then you’ll love Lego Back Ops.

Lego Portal - Running

Warhammer 40000: Space Marine:

THQ are doing a stirling job of making mouth watering trailers for their upcoming Warhammer 40000: Space Marine game. This time the spotlight is on the different multiplayer classes in the game. Does anyone else think that some of the levels in the trailer look a bit Quake-like? Maybe it’s just the brown colour scheme making me think that.