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Dance Wiivolution

Any day now I am gonna write that feature where I whinge that having loads of dance games has taught me 3 different routines to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Sure, that’s all well and good when you’re sober but at 2am after several bottles of wine and your friends are all “Come on then, show us how it’s done on expert mode, Ms. Pro-Gamer!” Yup, embarrassing.

But hey, another dance game on the scene from September! This one uses the Wiimote AND the dancemat for added coordination hilarity ;) Here’s a trailer by “leading video producers” Rob Chandler and Chris Brown (not the domestic abuser).

We Dance features a great mix of classic tracks like The B-52s’ Love Shack and unfamiliar songs that I presume the cool kids listen to. Fedde Le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit, anyone? Also, no Poker Face to further confuse my routines. I love the song but enough, already. Here’s the full We Dance track list if you’re interested.

To be honest, I’m slightly afraid of dance mat games. You know how when you’re learning to roller-blade for the first time or ride a bike and you have a bad fall? The next few times you go, even the slightest wobble sends your whole body into panic mode. I played Dance Dance Revolution with a soft mat on wooden floors way back on the PS2. On a particularly energetic landing, the mat slipped out from under me, I slammed down onto my hip and almost passed out from the shock. Luckily I didn’t break anything and I know that kids all over the world use them all the time but still… dance mats are scary. Loads of fun! But scary…