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Priston Tale 2: The 2nd Enigma – Desert Of Frontier And PvP Channel Updates

PristonTaleThe2ndEnigma_LogoGamerkraft continues to update and develop its hugely popular free-to-play MMO Priston Tale 2: The 2nd Enigma which Weefz covered when it was coming to Europe a while back.

The latest patch includes a whole new area to explore called the Desert of Frontier as well as some other fixes and features.

Patch 2.1.9 overview:
  • A new map – Desert of Frontier
  • New countdown clock when your character enters a Warfare Area
  • Ability to rebuild your skill combinations in the Skill System for all
  • Tutorial system bug fixes

The next big update is coming on the 21st April 2011 which adds player vs player (PvP) channels to the game. This means that battles can happen any time and any place. No where is safe, not even outside the warfare zones. You’ll need to be on your guard at all times. Although PvP channels are not available on the low-level maps.

There is also a PvP tutorial video to see how it all works in the game. What do the Priston Tale 2 players think about the PvP channel update?

Priston Tale 2 is available now for PC and it’s free to play.