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Public Q&A with BAFTA and Yoostar 2 Creators

You know Blitz Game Studios? They’re a UK-based development house that has been building games since 1990 They also provide a great resource for people who want to get into the video games industry with Blitz Academy.

The two co-founders, Philip and Andrew Oliver will be holding a public developer question-and-answer session on the making of Yoostar 2, the Kinect and PS3 game that lets you reenact movie scenes and share terribly embarassing mash-ups with your friends.

It’ll be at BAFTA on Monday 4th April from 6:30pm.

As Blitz Games Studios reaches the end of its 20th anniversary year, Philip and Andrew share insights on what they’ve learned in their long careers and where they think the industry’s going next. There’ll also be hands-on time with upcoming games from the independent studio creating more launch-year Kinect titles than any other.

Tickets are a fiver – book them through Ticketweb.