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Mass Effect 2 – PlayStation 3 Launch Trailer

MassEffect2_PS3BoxArtBioware’s blockbuster space RPG Mass Effect 2 finally arrives on the PlayStation 3 in the UK on the 21st Jan 2011.

Powered by the new Mass Effect 3 engine and featuring 6 hours of bonus missions (that DLC that Xbox 360 owners had to pay for separately!) it is looking like a very tasty proposition. Exactly what improvements using the Mass Effect 3 engine brings to the game is unclear at the moment, possibly some extra shine to the shiny spaceships maybe?

Although you can play as a male or female Commander Shepard you wouldn’t know that listening to the trailer’s voice over:

One man might be all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence.

Replace the word “man” with “person” and it would sound much better. Although it is hardly surprising that Commander Shepard is portrayed as a man in Mass Effect 2 given the gender based marketing that we are seeing and have seen before with the Mass Effect cover art.

Mass Effect 2 is released on the PlayStation 3 on the 21st Jan 2011 and is out now on Xbox 360.

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