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Angry Birds Day – 11th Dec 2010

Saturday the 11th of Dec 2010 is set to be Angry Birds day. If you are a fan of the brilliant Angry Birds game, like me, then why don’t you come along to one of the hundreds of Angry Birds day meetups happening around the world?


Simply sign-up on the Angry Birds Day meetup website. It’s all free. I’m going to the London meetup which is being organised by a group of people called Le Studio 52. At the moment there are 132 people attending the London event. This is the current London schedule:

  • 1pm – Rallying of the teams at predefine location
  • 2pm to 4pm – Flash Mob
  • 4pm – Retreat in public venue for afternoon games, kids friendly, watching pictures and videos
  • 9pm – VIP party at a secret & hidden location – Get your tickets here:

The schedule might change, so check out the Le Studio 52 Angry Birds page for all the very latest London event information.