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Science Museum Lates – The Science Of Games And Gaming

This month’s Science Museum Lates on the 24th Nov 2010 is all about the science of games and gaming. For those that haven’t been to a lates event before, they take place every month in the Science Museum and it is strictly adults only. No children allowed. The event starts at 18:45 and finishes at 10pm and is completely free, although you do have to pay for the alcohol from the makeshift bars that you’ll find dotted around the museum. Going on past experience, there will be a massive queue if you turn up on time – aim for 7:30pm so you’re not standing out in the cold.

The theme changes every month and now it is the turn for games to take centre stage. Here’s a list of the exclusive events for this month:

  • Game of Death – The aim is an impoverished death. Don’t make money, lose it!
  • Game Theory – Gresham College Professor Michael Mainelli discusses game theory and how it affects our lives
  • Games Zone – Play games on a massive screen with 49 other people at the same time
  • Punk Science – Puerile science-based humour performed by idiots and games related
  • Games Collection – Play some of classic computer games from the Museum’s collection

You’ll also be able to take part in the silent disco, test your knowledge in the pub quiz and play in the Launchpad Gallery without any kids getting in the way. [Editor’s note: I LOVE the Launchpad gallery. Echo tubes, pivots, leverage, crazy light-sensitive shadow panels… it’s an awesome room :)]

Science museum members also get:

  • Skip the queues – Priory access via the groups entrance
  • Free drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • Relax in the VIP area
  • Build your own chocolate covered fruit skewer in the “Pacman Skewer Challenge”
  • Try the exclusive Mario’s Super Comfort cocktail
  • Be personally escorted to events

If you want to become a Science Museum member (and gets loads of other benefits) there is a special buy one get one free offer on the night. Or you can join via the Science Museum website.

If you need any more convincing how fun these nights are then check out the promo video below. See adults having lots and lots of fun :-)

Give us a shout on the Twitter account if you’re coming along and we will see you at the Science Museum.