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Borderlands – A UX Leader?

Finally managed to play some Borderlands Game of The Year edition and I am very impressed. Not so much with the gameplay so far but with the care they’ve taken. So many little design choices are adding up to a wonderful user experience:

  • Clicking the left stick button once keeps up the sprinting. There’s no need to hold it down while running, which is always bloody awkward
  • Ammo drops are linked to your weapons. I didn’t see a single batch of combat rifle ammo before I started carrying a combat rifle
  • The comparison window shows which stats are higher or lower on each weapon
  • There’s a marker on the HUD sensor to let you sight up on enemies while you’re crouching behind cover (ok, this kind of feels like cheating but I use it anyway)

Of course, the great experience is then completely shattered by an atrocious vehicle control scheme and total split-screen design fail.

Can't see!

What games give you a great user experience?