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Nike Grid – Game Starts 22nd Oct 2010 At 6pm

The Nike running game starts tomorrow (22nd Oct 2010) at 6pm. The premise is simple. Run between specially designated Grid phone boxes (yes, those BT phoneboxes that no one uses any more) and earn badges and points. Yes, that does mean running outside and doing actual exercise! Here’s one of the promo videos showing what I’m talking about:

You can sign up on the Nike Grid website and there is also a Facebook page. You can also run as a team and as a University if you so wish.

The game lasts 15 days and covers all of London’s 48 postcodes. You can see postcode maps showing the grid phoneboxes on the Nike Grid website. Here’s a screenshot showing what the EC2 grid looks like and I’ve clicked on one of the grid phoneboxes to see its location in more detail.


Each day during the game one phone box in London will go lunar. That means the first person to log a run using that phonebox wins a pair of Nike trainers (LunarGlide+2 running shoe). This means you need to check the website/facebook page to find out when a phone box goes lunar.

I’m all signed up and ready to start tomorrow at 6pm. Is anyone else going to play? Your welcome to join the theaveragegamer Nike Grid team too?