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Xbox Live Gold Subscription – Price Hike In Nov 2010

Major Nelson (from the Microsoft Xbox team) has announced that Microsoft will be increasing the price of it’s Xbox Live Gold subscription in some of the countries around the world. From the 1st November 2010 the following price increases will come into effect. For those of you who have your credit card details on Xbox Live and have your subscriptions set to auto renew take note!

United Kingdom:
  • 1 month Gold £5.99 (increase of £1)
United States:
  • 1 month Gold $9.99 (increase of $2)
  • 3 month Gold $24.99 (increase of $6)
  • 12 month Gold $59.99 (increase of $10)
  • 1 month Gold $8.99 CAD (increase of $1 CAD)
  • 12 month Gold 499 Pesos (increase of 100 Pesos)

At least in the UK Microsoft hasn’t increased the price of the 12 month subscription, but you can check out our best Xbox Live Gold 12 month deals to protect yourself from any additional price hike Microsoft might have planned.

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