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Recommendations – Demon’s Souls and DarkStar One – Broken Alliance

As well as all the cool games coming out in July covered by Weefz there are 2 games that are available now that I recommend you play.

Demon's Souls
Demon’s Souls – Black Phantom Edition (PS3) is an awesome RPG game. It’s bloody tough with tons of dungeon exploring, battles, spells and online co-op. The black phantom edition includes a soundtrack CD, an artbook and a very handy strategy guide. Make no mistake this is one tough game! For me it’s the best Dungeon Master type game so far.

Darkstar One - Broken Alliance
Darkstar One – Broken Alliance (Xbox 360) is pretty much the closest we have to Elite or Frontier: Elite II on the Xbox 360 (or indeed any other console!). What more of a recommendation do you need! Go try it out.