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Resi Evil Body Hunt – Contain the Infection

Well, we had an eventful morning today. You may have heard about Capcom Europe’s “Treasure Hunt” to promote Resident Evil 5’s release tomorrow. TheFluffyFist and I did our bit to help out the NHS by spending our morning searching London for Infected body parts. Apparently there was a bit of an outbreak…

14 clues were sent out last night, with instructions to search for body parts from 9am and get them to Westminster Bridge by 11am:

  1. Hidden near a pub? Elementary, my dear Watson…
  2. More drinks, this time with digging sailors
  3. A Standard location on Villiers Street – and it’s a laughing matter…
  4. A Proudly photographic display
  5. Samuel Pepys dwelled here, his street a palatial namesake
  6. Rubbish? Find out, where Chandos and Bedfordbury cross
  7. 8 Bedford Court
  8. Rubbish? Find out, where Bedfordbury and New Row cross
  9. Make a call on St Martin’s Lane
  10. London’s narrowest street
  11. Sir Isaac dwelled here, with a view of the National Portrait Gallery
  12. Captain Scott’s memory is keeping this safe
  13. Take a seat between (IC)Art and the Arch
  14. Seek out the pub with no name on Warwick House Street

Some serious Googling got us this map and route.

View Larger Map

Despite getting to Embankment at 8:50am, we didn’t find any body parts on Villier’s Street, nor the Sherlock Holmes pub. In fact, we cleared all 14 sites by 9:38 and didn’t find a single head, torso or limb that wasn’t firmly clutched in the paws of fellow socially-conscious individuals… The first ones we saw were in the hands of a couple of guys at 4 minutes past 9 who had found at least 3 (THREE!) parts already. Hmm… :|

No matter, it was a great way to spend the morning. Much more fun than a normal Thursday. Plus, everyone who turned up on Westminster Bridge got a free RE5 bag, copies of the game and photo ops with the body parts ;)

Met a friendly couple on Northumberland Avenue – Ricky Smith and Katherine Halls:
RE5 Fellow Hunters

Ricky, risking himself to keep London safe:
RE5 - Infected Arms

Evidence, but no joy:
RE5 Bloodstain on Bedford Court

The winners:
RE5 - Three of the Winning Team RE5 - Two of the Winning Team

The losers:
RE5 - Don't Mess With Me RE5 - I Found Her Like This

The Infected:

RE5 - The Infected RE5 - Winners and Marketing

Resident Evil 5 is out in the UK on Friday the 13th (Ooooo!) March 2009.

Most amusingly, Gamezine reports that a bunch of the body parts were taken by people who didn’t then bring them to the drop-point on Westminster Bridge. What would you do if you found a bloody fake torso stinking of raw chicken liver?

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