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How To Get Your Red Ring Of Death (RRoD) Xbox 360 Repaired


  • Go to and sign in
  • Go to support and click on request a repair (bottom left of the screen)
  • Click on register a new device and enter your Xbox 360s serial number (found next to the USB ports, under the white falp on the front right of the console)
  • Now click on your newly registered device (under manage devices) and click request a new repair
  • Follow all the on screen instructions to “order” a repair from Microsoft
  • Ignore the bit about being sent a shipping box as you will never be sent one (in the UK anyway). I confirmed with Xbox customer support that Microsoft doesn’t send out shipping boxes. You will only recieve an email containing the UPS pre-paid shipping labels

  • RRoD Repair - The Missing Box.jpg

  • Now check your email address (the one attached to the Xbox Live account)
  • You should see an email called UPS delivery label. Click on the “retrieve UPS returns label” link and print it
  • Also click on the “get the receipt” link and print it too (more about this later)
  • Now find a box and pack your Xbox 360 inside it. Obviously use packing materials to protect your Xbox 360 during transit
  • Attach the UPS delivery label printed earlier to the top of the box and make sure its either in a plastic pouch or covered to prevent damage. UPS need to scan it after all
  • You can either request UPS to pick up your package, or you can go to a UPS drop off location
  • Important: If you go to a UPS drop off location don’t forget to take the receipt that you printed out earlier. The UPS person will stamp this as proof that your Xbox 360 has been received by UPS
  • Wait 2 weeks for the console to be repaired and sent back

Our repaired Xbox 360 came with a 1 month’s free Xbox Live gold membership and a letter identifying what the fault was and what they had done about it.

I hope that Microsoft has corrected the inaccurate and misleading information relating to sending you a shipping box. It caused a 2 week delay in getting our Xbox 360 fixed as I was waiting for a pesky box that was never going to arrive.

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