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Games Show Soon – Live! Live Logo Over the past few months you’ve probably heard a trickle of information about Live. For those who haven’t, it’s a games expo being held in the UK. Yay! Technically, they’re calling it a “Games and Home Entertainment” show so you can probably expect lots of exhibitors flogging their televisions and other expensive home gadgetry.

It’s very soon – 15th and 16th March 2008 – and will be in Wembley Stadium. Yes, once again, it’s in the South.

According to MCV, Microsoft, THQ, Ubisoft and Activision will be there. itself doesn’t have a dedicated site but I did find the following description on the VIP ticket page:

Packed full of top titles including Lego Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur 4, Condemned 2 and Rock Band you’ll be able to get hands-on time with this year’s biggest game releases before they hit the shops. There will also be live music, celebrity appearances and massive competitions, plus a whole lot of surprises!

Upcoming also has a tiny bit of info: goodie bags for all attendees! :) Hopefully there will be new playable demos and fun stuff. I’d hate to be paying money for a bunch of videos and stuff that’s already available on Xbox Live. Wish I could tell you more but the supposed Live PR contact didn’t respond to my email a few weeks ago.

No matter. Lego Indiana Jones and the concept alone are reasons enough for me to go. I am very happy to tell you that tickets are now on sale. Hooray! Buy Live tickets from (No! Really?) There were VIP weekend tickets available but as of today, it says “Currently unavailable, please check again soon.” No word on whether or not they’ll be on sale again.

If the trickle of info suddenly becomes a deluge, I’ll be sure to post it. Otherwise, see you at Wembley!

Update 6th mar 08: TVG has a Q & A with the head of games at, which contains a few more bits about what you’ll be able to play and see at Live!