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The Invasion has been going for some time…

We went out to Piccadilly Circus in London on the weekend to see if the rumours were true.

They are.

I think we might have stumbled on a way to defeat the evil space invaders. The one we found definitely has some sort of predilection for cigarette butts. We didn’t dare disturb its evil machinations, but further research must be done to exploit this weakness if the human race is to survive the coming onslaught.

Click for larger versions.

Potential Piccadilly Tube Invader being foiled at the station entrance

Close-up of Invader entranced by stinky butts

Let us know and send in pictures with locations if you see any more around the UK. Others are keeping careful watch in Paris, Amsterdam and New York. We mustn’t let our guard down.

(Thanks for the flickr tip, jerome)

Update 3rd August 06: Apparently these Invaders aren’t from Space at all! The idea originated from the person behind I wish that website wasn’t so Flash and Quicktime centred.

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