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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection makes getting online easy

Nintendo of America is reporting that 45% of Mario Kart DS owners played online within the first week (52,000 unique users).

Mario Kart DS is the first title to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection enabling DS owners to play online with no extra costs (online compatable DS game required).

The service launches on Friday (25th Nov) in the UK with the launch of Mario Kart DS.

Upcoming DS titles which will use the service include:

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

In addition Nintendo has announced that there will be 7,500 wireless hotspots active around the country that you can use to play online.

You can find the location of your nearest hotspot by using or

If you don’t fancy playing in McDonald’s or in your local pub, then you can play at home using Nintendo’s £30 Wi-Fi USB Connector device plugged into the back of your PC.


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