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Defend Your Castle Review (Web-based)

Age Rating: Teens+ (as listed on the site)

What is it?

Cute but evil Flash-based animated game. Stickmen and blood included. Parental Guidance advised.

Is it fun?

Yes! For a half hour or so. Then it gets quite stressful.

Is it worth the price? (Free!)

Just 5 minutes of your time to check it out? Yes.


It has stickmen and splashy blood effects! What more could you want?

Gameplay is very simple and repetitive yet weirdly addictive – defend your castle by grabbing the invading stickmen with your mouse and flinging them up into the air. When they land, they squelch into a little puddle of blood and die. As you progress through the levels you gather points for survival and for the number of stickmen you kill and the stickmen come at you faster and faster. With battering rams!

The points can be used to upgrade your castle defences, building thicker walls, or a temple to convert the marauding stickmen to your side to give you archers and other military units. Gives you something to strive for when your wrist is giving in to RSI.



cartoony game screenshot

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