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More Mind-Controlled Gaming with Son of Nor

Son of Nor - Lift

Quite a few developers are working on games you can control with your thoughts now. Back in March I wrote about Throw Trucks With Your Mind, the imaginatively-titled game that lets you throw trucks. With your mind.

Another Kickstarter has popped up for game supporting mind control: Son of Nor. Coming from Austrian developers StillAlive Studio, this will be a co-op action adventure in which you can terraform and manipulate the landscape using magic.

Julian Mautner of StillAlive Studios has created a video demo using the Emotiv EPOC system. As with Throw Trucks, you use the keyboard and mouse to move and send combat or terraforming commands with your brain. Again, I haven’t tried this myself so it may just be a simple binary command selected from a menu. I hope it’s more than that.

Obviously, you’d need your own Emotiv EPOC headset to use this in the game, so the top pledge tiers of the Kickstarter will include one in your rewards package. That’s every pledge from $300 upwards, which is pretty good because the EPOC headset by itself sells for $299.

Here’s the video:

Check out the Son of Nor kickstarter here.