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Lords of Football has Release Date

Lords of Football - Gambling
Premiership-style football management sim Lords of Football finally has a release date of 5th April. This makes me so happy, as the game looks like ridiculous fun. As I explained in my preview last year, not only do you manage the club’s progression through the football leagues, you must also carefully control your players’ personal lives. Set up parties they can attend for fun, help them to find dates but also make sure they don’t develop any addictions. Should the unthinkable happen, stick them in therapy or even off to rehab to get them match-fit in a hurry.

It’s not all Sims-like of course. The game has been developed with input from Gianluca Vialli, Italian football manager and cup winner. As a former Chelsea player, he’ll have plenty of insight into all aspects of football and how you need to balance training your players’ skills with their motivation. Here’s a brief trailer:

Lords of Football will be out on Steam and through the Lords of Football website from 5th April 2013.