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Lord British Announces Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar Dragon
Richard Garriot, a.k.a. Lord British and the creator of Ultima, has just revealed his new game, Shroud of the Avatar, Forsaken Virtue. It’s 15 years since he left Ultima and Garriott has now decided that this is the time to return to his fantasy roots. It won’t be Ultima, since that’s still owned by EA but it will be a fantasy setting, with dragons and just a hint of electric technology.

He’s doing this with a Kickstarter (wait! come back!), asking for supporters to donate a million dollars. It’s been live for all of 8 minutes now and has already raised $11,000 from 215 backers.

It will be a multiplayer PC game, but not an MMO. “I have always been a PC developer,” said Garriott, “and there is something magical about sitting close to a large screen, seeing your world come to life. And the flexibility of using a keyboard and mouse is unmatched; though if you prefer to play with a gamepad on a PC, you can do that too!”

One of the stretch goals will be to “develop Shroud of the Avatar so it can be played in some form on mobile devices as well”, which is nice but rather non-committal.

Rich players will be able to buy a lot in a town and build a house or shop. They’re addressing the problem with

Get more info on the official Shroud of the Avatar website.


  1. Alex

    8th Mar, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Let me get this straight: this is the guy who has forked out squillions to get into space and he wants the fans to fund this!?

    • Debbie Timmins (Weefz)

      8th Mar, 2013 at 10:29 pm

      Well, as you say, he did spend that money. He’s not getting it back ;)

      • Alex

        9th Mar, 2013 at 2:26 am

        They should’ve charged him the same price to come back to earth :-P